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Piano Lessons

Where can I take Piano Lessons in Kelowna? Wentworth Music! From beginner to advanced, children to adult, Wentworth Music offers piano lessons for everyone.  Learn sight reading and chord reading! Learn to play by ear or learn from traditional classical, pop, rock and more! Students can start as early as 4 years old.

Lora Wentworth Piano lessons Saxophone lessons

Lora Wentworth – Piano lessons, Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Bari)
Qualifications: .LRSL (Licentiate degree), .Dip Perf, .Dip Comp, Grade 8 RCM
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Thurs
Teaches ages: 4 and up

What can you expect when taking Piano or Saxophone lessons with me? Well, I love teaching and go above and beyond for my students every single week! Music is so exciting and I love to share that excitement with all of my students, whether they are 4 or 94 years old. I have a strong formal background on Piano, as well as improvisation, jazz, composition and theory. For those interested in performing or examinations I also help prepare my students to excel. Whatever path a student wants to learn, whether that be ear playing, chording, composition, sight reading or everything combined, I am always happy to tailor the lesson to each individual student. The main thing is that students need to have fun through music. Read more about Piano lessons with Lora…

Katie Alexander Piano Teacher
Katie Alexander

Qualifications: Grade 9 RCM Piano
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon, Wed, Fri
Teaches ages: 5 and up

What do you need to know about piano lessons with me? ♥  In my lessons,  I aspire to create a friendly and positive environment where my students feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes. Making mistakes is a vital part of learning and growing! I am an outgoing teacher and my passion for music is contagious. In order for my students to be successful, I take care to structure my lessons so that they are engaging and personalized to each person’s unique strengths and needs. With a background in special needs education and autism therapy, I am uniquely suited to creating an inclusive environment where all my students will thrive. I love to teach everything from popular selections to classical pieces. My lessons are structured to include a balance of note reading, chording, ear training and above all foster the joy of music. At the end of the day, music is an amazing opportunity for creative expression and my lessons embody the incredible joy of learning music!
Olya Comaniuk
Olya Comaniuk
Qualifications: BA Mus, BA Ed
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Tue-Sat

Olya Comaniuk is a professional artist, a concertmaster pianist with international experience, a composer and music instructor. She has played throughout many concert halls in her native country, Kazakhstan and many other former Soviet republics.

Olya teaches contemporary and popular music as well as Royal Conservatory of Music programs. This Kostanay State Conservatory of Music graduate turns into a flourishing and inspired muse the very moment she touches a piano keyboard. Her passion is classical music and jazz. You can hear in her music the howling winds of the Kazakh steppes, the thunder of Niagara waterfalls and the humming of Rocky Mountain streams.

Celeste Davidson
Celeste Davidson
Qualifications: Grade 10 RCM Piano
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Wed

If you are a brand new beginner to the world of making music or returning to something you did as a child, it is my great delight to fan the flame of music within you and help you discover and cultivate the joy of making music, whether it’s for yourself or in collaboration with others. My goal in piano teaching is to give you the tools to develop skills in note reading, technique, theory, and playing by ear, in styles that you enjoy, so that you want to keep on growing and learning.  I hope to make it fun for you which means music choices are primarily student-led and learning tends to be at an accelerated pace when you put the effort in at home! Learn more about piano lessons with Celeste here

Trina Dunsmoor Piano teacher Piano lessons Kelowna Wentworth Music

Trina Dunsmoor – Piano lessons
Qualifications: .LRSL, Grade 9 RCM .Dip R.T
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Wed, Fri
Teaches ages: 4/5 (age 4/5 with consultation)

When it comes to music, I have never lost my childlike wonder and enjoy taking students on this journey as much as they enjoy being on it. The sky is the limit, as I offer both classical lessons and theory with exam preparation through RCM, and Rockschool based curriculum with exam prep as well as a variety of customized plans in between. From the retired senior who wants to take piano lessons for personal enjoyment to the young child who is just being introduced to the world of music for the very first time, I give them a solid foundation they can build and even set new goals upon. As a Recreation Therapist, I also offer a little advantage because, as someone trained and experienced in implementing programs for individuals with a diverse range of needs, I am quick to gently support each student in taking steady, frequent steps toward a goal until they confidently feel they’ve hit their stride. Find out more about Piano lessons with Trina Dunsmoor here

Piano lessons Kelowna Wentworth Music

Danni FehrPiano Lessons
Qualifications: ARCT RCM
$28/Half Hour Lesson (Private)
Available: Mon-Sat
Teaches ages: 4 and up  

My main goals as a piano instructor are to make things fun, interesting, memorable and structured. Whether you’re interested in studying classical music, learning pop and contemporary styles, performing, recording, arranging, writing, you name it: I want to help you set and achieve your goals. My piano lessons include a wide variety of materials from structured methods such as Alfred, RCM and Rockschool, to more flexible lesson plans that include creative composition, chording, arranging and theory. I also enjoy teaching students basic recording and production skills.  Read more about Piano lessons with Danni…

Maria Gubbels Piano lessons Kelowna Wentworth Music

Maria Gubbels  Singing Lessons, Piano lessons
Qualifications: Masters 
28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat

I am an extremely warm, extroverted and out going teacher! I love to have fun which includes making sure I keep my teaching fun as well! I want all my Piano and Vocal students to feel like they are in a safe and comfortable environment when they are in their lessons and always have treats and stickers as rewards for an excellent lesson and hard work. I teach all styles of singing from popular to country to musical theatre to opera to rock and roll to heavy metal. Learn more about Maria here…

Piano lessons Kelowna Wentworth Music

Caroline Kaltenhauser – Piano Lessons
Qualifications: Grade 10 RCM, BA Ed.
$28/Half Hour Lesson (Private)
Available: Mon,Tues, Tours
Teaches ages: 6 and up (6 yrs old with consultation)

A master at identifying, nurturing and developing each student’s personal skills, talents and abilities, Caroline’s greatest strength lies in educating and inspiring her students to discover and live their greatness. Her passion for teaching, enthusiasm and ability to make music fun has allowed her to transform the dream of “music-making” into a reality, one precious student at a time. Read more about Piano lessons with Caroline…

Guitar and Bass lessons Kelowna

Dustin McGifford – Piano Instruction, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
$28/half hour
Qualifications: Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 Practical, and Advanced Rudiments with First Class Honours
Available: Mon-Fri

At a very young age Dustin McGifford began taking a special interest in music. First picking up the piano by ear to then composing original music and performing on stage, Dustin has developed a well rounded musical education. Read more about Piano lessons with Dustin…

Violin lessons Kelowna Wentworth Music

Julia Watson Piano Lessons, Violin, Fiddle, Theory
Qualifications: BA of Mus., Grade 10 RCM Piano and Violin
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon, Thurs, Fri

Julia Watson was born and raised in Rosthern, Saskatchewan were she spent her childhood studying violin, piano, and ballet. She holds her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Brandon, University, as well as her grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music in violin and piano. After graduating from Brandon University, she worked full time as a piano, violin, and voice instructor in Ottawa, Ontario. Her teaching style is a mixture of theory and ear training, as well as encouraging students to set and achieve their own personal goals. She enjoys playing different genres of music such as jazz, bluegrass, folk, classical and contemporary and has had the opportunity to record and perform in all fields.