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Guitar lessons Kelowna! Guitar lessons for Kids and Adults! Learn the basics of the Guitar all the way through advanced playing with the guidance from the best Guitar and Bass teachers in Kelowna. Sight reading, improvisation, chording, strumming on Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Bass. Give us a call today! 250-860-2251

Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons

Guitar and Bass lessons with Noel Wentworth

Noel Wentworth – Guitar and Bass lessons
Qualifications: .LRSL (Licentiate Music Teaching), .Dip Music
$28/ half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Fri
Teaches Ages: 8 1/2 and up

Music is what I’m all about! I am a teacher with a warm personality that teaches in a relaxed and professional environment. As a professional musician with a strong ear and a formal background in Music, I am able to customize Guitar lessons and Bass lessons to what ever the student wants to learn! Using method books, learning songs by ear, sight reading, songwriting, composition, improvisation, chording, theory and more, I feel my clients come back for lessons year after year because I go above and beyond. I am also the one responsible for creating our internationally acclaimed student rock productions, teach using hi-tech tools and provide performance opportunities.  Read more about Guitar and Bass lessons with Noel…

Guitar lessons Kelowna Nick Braidwood

Nick Braidwood – Guitar and Bass lessons
Qualifications: Grade 7 Rockschool
$26/ half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon, Wed Evening
Teaches Ages: 8 1/2 and up

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Guitar lessons with Richard Issler

Richard Issler – Guitar, Beginner Harmonica
Qualifications: International performing artist, Studied music at the University of Calgary. Rockschool Grade 6.
$28/Half Hour (Private)
Available: Tues, Wed, Sat
Teaches ages: 7 and up (younger than 7 with consultation)

Whether you’re six or sixty , if you want to strum your favourite songs,  blow a gutsy harmonica, or blaze out a ripping guitar solo, I can help you achieve it.  I customize my lessons for each student with a focus on providing an environment that maximizes the fun and unlocks the musical artist in you. Wherever your musical passion lies, be it playing solo, performing in a band, song-writing, improvisation, or recording studio techniques, I’ll get you on the fast-track to learning, improving and mastering the skills you’ll need to achieve your goals. Music is a language that speaks to the soul. Learning that language is a journey that a good teacher makes enjoyable by keeping you on the path while allowing you to explore along the way.  Read more about Guitar lessons with Richard…

Guitar lessons Kelowna Ian Krebs

Ian Krebs – Guitar, Bass
Qualifications: GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology)
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Tues, Thurs Evening
Teaches Ages: 8 and up

In 1990-91 I attended Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angles at that point I had been playing guitar for 7 years. After leaving Los Angeles I played in a few bands and did some private lessons in the lower mainland.  I then had the opportunity to move to Europe. While I was in Europe, I gave guitar and bass lessons all the while playing in many different styles of bands including jazz, country, rock and blues.  Music has been one the most gratifying components of my life.  I love any opportunity to play and share the art form that brings so many people together in harmony.

Guitar lessons with Brian McLennan

Brian McLennan – Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele
Qualifications: .Dip Music
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Fri
Teaches ages: 7 and up (7 years old with consultation)

With his diploma of music from Selkirk College (voted most outstanding Guitarist), Brian has taught Guitar for over 15 years specializing Rock, R+B, Blues, Country, Jazz and Instrumental Guitar. Brian loves teaching and learning what kinds of music his students are passionate about, as all kinds of players have something to offer, from Jeff Beck to Behemoth. Read More about Guitar and Bass lessons with Brian…

Guitar lessons with Dustin McGifford

Dustin McGifford – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
$28/half hour
Qualifications: Grade 8 Rockschool Guitar (Equivalent to Grade 10 RCM), Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 Practical, and Advanced Rudiments with First Class Honors
Available: Mon-Fri

I believe that music is a complex and colourful language and there are many approaches to learning it. Starting with classical piano and gradually learning multiple stringed instruments, I have repeatedly undergone the process of deciphering a new instrument. My passion for music and the Guitar is something that I hope to instill in all of my students. Lessons are personalized and suited to meet your needs, whether your goal is to entertain others, or just entertain yourself.

If you’re looking for a guided course such as RCM or Rockschool, tips on taking the stage, chording/scales, practicing techniques, or anything in-between, stop in and we can get started. Read more about Guitar and Bass lessons with Dustin…

Guitar Lessons with Kevin Zacharias

Kevin Zacharias – Guitar, Bass
Qualifications: .DipRS (Diploma Music Teaching)
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Sat
Teaches Ages: 8 and up

Well versed in teaching rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, country, classical, theory, and songwriting, Kevin has been teaching music full time for over thirteen years. Having toured throughout BC as a professional musician for over 20 years. Read more about Guitar and Bass lessons with Kevin…