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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Wentworth Music would like to welcome you to a wonderful new year of music. We hope your stay with us will be filled with all the benefits and enjoyment that music can offer.

Hours of operation : The Wentworth Music Education Centre is open Monday to Thursday from 9am – 9pm, Friday from 9am-8pm and Saturday 9am-5:30pm. Please use the rear entrance of the building opposite Harvey Ave after 5:30pm. Door is marked with white awning and Wentworth Music Logo. Wentworth Music (the retail store) is open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Saturday.

Instruments: All instruments must be supplied by the client for lessons and practice at home with the exception of pianos and drums. Piano and drums will be supplied for lesson times only. If you need an instrument, Wentworth Music carries a large selection at very competitive prices. If you’re looking to Rent-To-Own or try things out short term, instruments are available to rent from Wentworth Music (prices ranging from used to new). See our rental page

Suggested Lesson Starting Ages

What age can my child start music lessons? There are always exceptions depending on how far along in physical development but here are some suggestions.

Piano – Ages 4 yrs and up
Vocal – between Age 5 and 8
Guitar/Bass – Age 9 (8 with drop in assessment)
Drums – 4/5 years
Violin – between 4 and 6yrs with drop in assessment. 6/7 “Magic age”
Ukulele – Age 7 (5/6 with drop in assessment )

Have all your teachers had their criminal record checks done? Yes! All our teachers are required to have their criminal record check done before they begin teaching at our lesson studios.

What should I bring to my lesson?

  • Your instrument (with the exception of Drums or Piano)
  • Method book(s), sheet music, worksheets, lesson binder/notebook for lessons and assignments
  • Drum sticks, extra Guitar strings, Water bottle (vocalists), Rosin, Microphone (vocalists),
  • iPod, Cd’s, flash drive that hold’s Mp3’s,

Lesson prices and payment: Prices for lessons depend on the instructor and their qualifications. All of our instructors are certified with formal education. Please see prices with each teacher bio under lessons in the menu above. One hour lessons are double the price of 30 minute lessons. Drop-in lessons are available, please call the office for details. (250)860-2251 ext 2 .

Please note: There is a $40 annual administration fee. This is pro-rated throughout the year. The fee is cut in half for additional sign-up’s in the same household. The administration fee covers a wide range of expenses from a receptionist being on hand Monday – Saturday, open to close, to answer questions and pass messages along to instructors, booking and cancelling of lesson, processing of monthly payments, free wifi, cable tv, magazines, heating, air conditioning etc .

Student Discount
All students enrolled in regular lessons at Wentworth Music are entitled to a student discount that provides a 5% discount off regular priced items at Wentworth Music and 10% off print material.

How lesson payments work: When you sign up for lessons, you book in for a specific date schedule. Most commonly, September through June, as Wentworth Music follows the “school calendar”. Lesson fees are either payable IN FULL for the entire year in advance of starting your lessons, or you have the option of choosing an averaged monthly pre-authorized payment either through your credit card or your bank account. Please note: casual cash payments are not available.

Here is an average breakdown for a private 30 minute lesson starting in September and ending at the end of June with administration fee:

  • Lump Sum:  38 x $28 + $40 = $1104 (38 lessons times $28/lesson plus $40 admin fee)
  • Semester: 38 x $28 + $40 = $1104 divided by 3 ($368.00 per semester)
  • Monthly: 38 x $28 + $40 = $1104 divided by 10 months ($110.40 per month)

These amounts will vary depending on instructor price, length of lesson, start date and week day.  (Monday, Friday and Saturdays are generally less expensive because of Holidays).

Holidays: (The school will be closed

Please note:
-Pro D days are not considered holidays
– Clients do not pay for lessons that land on Holidays. Therefore, there are no make up lessons or refunds owed for lessons on those dates. Holidays are removed from your payment schedule when you sign up.

Missed lessons: You as the client are buying the instructor’s time; you are not buying the lesson. If you forget or choose not to come, regardless of circumstance, you have still paid for your instructor’s time. There are no refunds for missed lessons. The Instructor is not obligated to supply make-up lessons or credits but may do so at his or her discretion. All make-up lessons promised by your instructor must be completed by the end date of your contract. If your lesson is cancelled by the instructor, your time will be rescheduled. If your instructor can not reschedule a lesson due to their absence, the lesson will be refunded.

Withdrawal from lessons: Two lessons notice must be provided for withdrawal. Immediate withdrawal is subject to a two lesson cancellation fee. Wentworth Music reserves the right to terminate lesson contracts on unpaid accounts.

The service charge for returned cheque’s is $20.00 per cheque.

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