Drum Lessons

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Drum Lessons

Where can I take Drum lessons in Kelowna? Wentworth Music! Voted Top100 Music schools in North America. Whether you’re looking for Drum lessons for beginners to advanced instruction, the drum teachers Wentworth Music can break down the obstacles to learning the drum set, snare drum, percussion, hand drum and Cajon in all styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Reggae, Funk, Blues, Metal, Pop, and more. Our drum studios are well equipped for teaching all levels and student background in drumming. Unlock your potential and become the drummer you’ve always dreamt of!

Drum lessons with Devon Spittle

Devon Spittle – Drum Lessons, Percussion Lessons
Qualifications: .DipRSL Music Instruction
$28/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Thurs
Teaches ages: 5 and up (5 with consultation)

Devon has been drumming for over 16 years and has been teaching at Wentworth Music for 10 years. Devon knows what it’s like to learn an instrument. Before he discovered his passion for drums he studied piano, trumpet, alto saxophone, and acoustic/electric guitar. Devon studied under notable local instructors for 5 years before getting his teaching diploma. Devon is known for his blinding speed behind the kit, and his ability to adapt to all styles of playing from latin to heavy metal. Learn more about Drum lessons with Devon…

Drum lessons Kelowna

Justen Gordon – Drums, Hand Drum, Cajon, Percussion lessons
Qualifications: Masters Percussionary Arts, .LRSL
$29/ Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Sat
Teaches ages: 4 and up (ages 4-6 with consultation)

Drum lessons: From the beginning Justen had a natural ability to listen then play what he heard. By fourteen he was touring with a gospel band and played at conferences with over 2500 people in attendance. He cut his first CD that same year and has been in the studio on 15 projects for a variety of artists including three from his own punk rock band Kiros. Justen has been toted as a prodigy from the time he started and has now toured through out North America on many tours including Drive-Thru Records Canadian Invasion tour in 2004 and the Vans Warp Tour in 2004 and 2005 touring with bands such as The offspring, Good Charlotte, and Fallout Boy as well as many others. Justen graduated with a Masters in Percussionary Arts from The University of Berkeley at age 22 and mentored under drumming great Eric Boseman. Learn More about Drum lessons with Justen…

Netto Figueiredo

Netto Figueiredo: Drums/Percussion
Qualifications: Rockschool Grade 7 diploma
$28/Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Thurs, Fri and Sat
Teaches ages: 7 and up (7yrs old with consultation)

Over the past 17 years, Netto has been heavily influenced by the rich grooves found in the diverse Brazilian rhythms and rock music in general. He first started in Brazil as a rock drummer. Not long after, he formed a heavy metal band and was featured in Roadie Crew, the biggest rock and heavy metal magazine in the country, having also played for an audience of over 3000 people at one of Brazil’s largest rock/metal festivals. Netto is very grateful for having studied in the past under influential teachers in Brazil and is extremely fortunate to be Justen Gordon’s student since 2007 at Wentworth Music. Also, he has been learning from Frederik Ehmke, the incredible drummer for German heavy metal giants Blind Guardian, since June 2014. Now, he has been living in Kelowna for over 10 years, plays in several projects (including Kelowna’s local traditional/power metal band ArkenFire) and has been teaching drums for the better part of the last few years. Learn more about Netto here.

Drum lessons with Paul Minor

Paul Minor: Drums/Percussion
Qualifications: .Dip Music teaching
$28/Half hour lesson (private)
Available: Mon-Thurs
Teaches ages: 8 and up (8yrs old with consultation)

Drum Lessons with Paul Minor. Paul has been drumming for the past 15 years. Starting at a young age, Paul had an ear for rhythm and picked up drumming quite naturally. He is heavily influenced by all genres of music ranging from rock, funk, blues, jazz, and reggae. Moving from Medicine Hat to Kelowna, Paul went to the Centre for Arts and Technology and graduated with his degree in Audio Engineering. Shortly after completing his degree, Paul started as a session drummer for Arc House Studios in Kelowna. As a session drummer, he has worked with Nashville’s country artist Raquel Cole and producer Danny McBride. Learn more about drum lessons with Paul…