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Music Lessons in Kelowna – Voted Top100 Music School in North America!

The Wentworth Music Education Centre in Kelowna is a leader in our community for not only Music Lessons for Kids and Adults but also for supporting our community and children. See below to learn about what we offer, our Headlines to see our accomplishments in the news, or our Calendar of events to see what’s coming up. There are many reasons why we’re proud we’ve been voted Top100 in North America! Come join our extended family!

Vocal Lessons

Hey Kelowna! Want to take professional Vocal lessons near you? Improve your singing with Vocal lessons at Wentworth Music. Voice lessons from beginner to advanced. Learn more…

Piano Lessons

Piano is wildly popular! Take Piano lessons with a Piano teacher at Wentworth Music in Kelowna. Piano lessons for Kids and Adults. Lessons for beginners to advanced. Learn more…

Drum Lessons

Really, who doesn’t want to play Drums? Learn to play drums with a drum teacher at Wentworth Music in Kelowna! Drum lessons for beginners to advanced. Friendly, accredited teachers. Learn more…

Guitar Lessons

Looking to pick up the Guitar, increase your skills or get new playing options. Take Guitar lessons at Wentworth Music in Kelowna! Learn Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar. All styles! Guitar lessons for beginners to advanced. Learn more…

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone is very popular at Wentworth Music! Learn to play the Saxophone with Saxophone lessons at a music school that has won Top100 Music Schools in North America! Learn more…

Trumpet Lessons

Learn to play Trumpet with Trumpet lessons at Wentworth Music. We offer lessons for beginners to advanced. Learn more…

Violin and Cello Lessons

Violin and Cello has become front and center. At Wentworth Music in Kelowna, you can  find a Violin or Cello teacher that’s right for you. Lessons for beginners to advanced. Learn more…

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is more popular than ever! Fast track your Ukulele learning with Ukulele lessons at Wentworth Music. Lessons for beginners to beyond!  Learn more…

Banjo Lessons

Alright Kelowna! Do you want to learn 5 string Banjo? Learn how to play Banjo with Banjo lessons at Wentworth Music! Become the player you’ve been dreaming of! Learn more…

Mandolin Lessons

Mandolin is totally becoming mainstream. Take Mandolin lessons in Kelowna at Wentworth Music! Offering Mandolin lessons for beginners to advanced. Learn more…

Latest Headlines

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Music Lessons

Take the tour! Learn why Wentworth Music has been voted Top100 music schools in North America! We take music lessons to the next level!

World Renowned Recitals

Bet you haven’t seen a music recital like this before! Watch our students playing with Tad Goddard, Bassist for classic rockers Prism on Prism’s hit song Armageddon.

Performance Goals

Music lessons and performance opportunities.  See for yourself how we provide dream like concerts for our students! Music education has never been so fun! Music starts at 1:14.


Wentworth Music Top100 2015

Voted Top100 Music Schools in North America 2015

Wentworth Music Wins Civic Awards

Winner – City of Kelowna Civic Award Medium Sized Business 2014

Wentworth Music Top100 NAMM 2013

Voted Top100 Music Schools in North America 2014

Wentworth Music Chamber Business award

Winner: 2013 Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award Large Business

Wentworth Music Top100 NAMM 2013

Voted Top100 Music Schools in North America 2013

What others are saying…

Guitar and Drum Lessons at Wentworth Music

I've been taking lessons at Wentworth for 4 years. Not only have they taught me Guitar, they've also given me the chance to play in concerts in front of 850+ people twice a year. My brother took Drum lessons as well. They consistently go above and beyond!

Piano with Lora

Before moving on because of schooling, I had taken lessons with Lora for 8 years. Even now that I am 18, the skills Lora taught me to play by ear and teach myself new music with no help. I would have not wanted to learn anywhere besides Wentworth.


I, as a 'mature' student along with my pre-teen daughter, took piano lessons and thoroughly enjoyed the instruction, learning process and experience. Hope to be able to revisit the time in the future.

Best Music School Ever!

As a child I dreamed of having all the opportunity that our team of instructors and I have created for the thousands of students we've taught over the years! I'm very proud to be a part of the excitement and magic!